Member Communications

The BCAEA communicates with members via this website, and by sending out the conference brochure in late September or early October. We send the conference brochure notification via email to the address you used when you registered for the last conference or when you joined the BCAEA via the BCTF website..  We use a mass-emailing service which makes it easy for us to manage the list, and makes it easy for you to unsubscribe if you change your mind about receiving communication this way.

We are delighted that Samara Stratton has joined the BCAEA Executive as Communications Coordinator. She manages our social media presence on  X, Instagram and Facebook. You can check us out by clicking on the buttons in the footer of any page.


Final Newsletter Issue

Previously, we also produced a newsletter twice a year, but the steadily declining readership, even when sent electronically, meant that producing it became no longer financially viable.  Sadly, production of the newsletter has ceased. The last issue of the newsletter can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.


Previous Issues

Previous issues of our newsletter are available for downloading as well. Enjoy!

Alternate Programs Directory

The BCAEA maintains a directory of all the alternate programs it is aware of in the province. It is available for download as either an Adobe PDF file or an Excel (XLSX) spreadsheet. If you know of errors or omissions, please contact the President, whose email address is on the Contact page.