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2023 Conference Update 

Updated: 10/18/2022
2023 Conference Brochures are available for downloading on the conference page and registration is now open!

Association Activities

The BCAEA engages in a number of activities for its members, including holding a conference in Vancouver every February, publishing a newsletter twice a year, maintaining a provincial alternate programs directory, and providing a list serve. We also provide $16,000 annually in awards for eligible students and grants for eligible teachers.


The BCAEA is famous for the annual Challenge & Change conference (and the Schmooze, of course!).  We are looking forward to holding an in-person conference again in 2023.

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Grants & Awards

The Association provides grants and awards to member teachers and awards and bursaries to member-sponsored students totalling $16,000.  Just one of the perks of membership!

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Attend our annual conference and automatically get a one year association membership. If you didn’t attend the conference, you can still pay the fee and join the PSA.

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The Association publishes the conference brochure each fall, and a newsletter in the fall and spring. Members choose to receive these as either an electronic or paper copies. 

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Elections and Appointments

At the AGM each year elections are held to fill positions on the Executive. President and Vice President are normally elected in odd years, and Treasurer, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor are elected in even years, all for two year terms. This year we circumstances forced us to hold a virtual AGM via Zoom. Sadly, none of you (with the exception of the current Executive) made it to the meeting. Since our constitution states that a quorum is the members present, the election for President and Vice President went forward, and both of those postions were elected by acclamation.

Following the AGM, a second Zoom meeting was held by the Executive. DJ Pauls was appointed Conference Coordinator, Karen Gadowsky was appointed Speaker Coordinator, Christine Thygesen was appointed Registrar, and Mike Shaw was appointed Publications Manager.  All appointed positions are for a term of one year.

Both elected positions and appointed positions take effect on July 1 each year.

Acting President

Tianay de Andrade teaches in Mission. She has graciously agreed to fulfill the remainder of Mike Shaw’s term as president as he retired in June and can no longer serve in that role.


Jeniffer March  was elected at the AGM in February, She teaches in the Comox Valley.